Being OWT w/ DG

On the Yard or on the Road, there's no telling where you might see a

Delta Gamma Bruh or what he might be up to.

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"Hops & Peels"

*Broadband/High-Speed Access Extremely Recommended*

Phinal Genesis about to Set Out the Yard Show

The Ace that Be Rolling, Rolling, Rolling for Que Psi Phi

Bro. Goodson models the Randall Gift

Bros. Shaw & McNeill

Bro. McNeill

DG setting owt the hop in Seabrook Auditorium

Taking a break from serving the campus

Marching for the Que Psi Phi

"Reeeeaaaaaaaalllllllll Deeeeeeeeep...."

"Nobody walks like the Dogs of Omega..."

Bro. Goodson w/ much Enthusiasm

After the East Coast Stepshow 2003

Back To Front, Bros. Shaw & Graham

Bro. Shaw leads the hop during "The Well Show"

Spring 2001, The Pan-Hellenic Edition at FSU

The "3 Musketeers" w/ ZZ and O Phi

"Silk" shows the yard how he's built...

2003 Seabrook Auditorium

Pan-Hellenic Pic in Spring 2004

Homecoming in 2003...

B-Dot & Tavarus @ a Pan-Hellenic Project

Da Bruhz

Delta Xi Sorors

The Ace of DG 04

"Hollywood" Bruh

Da Bruhz watch the FSU Marching Band

The DG & D Xi Coleman Love Spring 04 Edition

"Devotion" K. Henry D Xi Spr 04

Da Bruhz posing for "Picture Time"

Bro. Leak with a Bruh at the NBA All-Star Game

Bro. Leak and Shaunie O'Neal

Bro. Leak with an AKA in Denver

DG in 2003

Bro. Shaw at the Founder's Monument

Bros. Hinson (TailDawg) & Shaw w/ Sigma Delta Bruhz

Bro. Richburg at Mu Epp

Bros. Shaw & Hinson at Gamma Sigma

Neo's w/ Foolish (Rho Cookout 2001)

Sigma Delta Bruhs (Nocturnal & Bam) in ATL

Sin & Juice (Lambda Lambda "Omega Day" 2002)

Tail Dawg w/ Sin at Gamma Sigma

The Essence of DG w/ Bro. McNeill

Clifton "Trigger" Davis chilling at his old stomping grounds

Smooth & Sin at Clafin University (L.Sig)

6th D bruhs with Clafin's "Ms. Omega's"

Francis Marion Soror w/ bruhs in Florence

Homecoming w/ L L bruhs

Bro. Shaw w/ Miss Omega 2002 at Clafin U.

Sin w/ South Khaki bruhs in Raleigh

Watching the Lambda Sigma "Rollout Show"

Sigma Delta Bruh w/ Francis Marion Soror

Prop & Sin after the show

Sam (L. Sig) w/ Miss Omegas

South Khaki Bruhs

The McNeill's and Red

The Pace setter from 03

Sin and FSU Alum, "Red"

Looking for a Dawg snack...

Driq and Sheem w/ some VA ladies at the Bike Rally 2003

Foolish, Driq, and Ol' School DG Showdog

DG's Version of "Pimp My Ride"

Jai Good & Ol' School Bruhz

Harlan Crenshaw "The Silent Lamb" Four Dawg, Honcho, Spr 96 DG

Curt Da Que, Zabu, and Kamikaze...The Beige Bruhz

Starry shows off the custom nalia

Shaw & Crenshaw

3/5's of Redemption, Banks, Crenshaw, and Stewart

"Somebody hurry up & take this picture..."

A Tale of Two Tails...

DG Spring 89 Bruhz, Stoneface & Taz

C-Gutter w/ the tricked owt pic. of his pup

B-Dot leads "The Encore" during the well show

DG Neos setting it owt..

Kim being owt w/ Da Bruhz

Bruhz being owt for the camera

DG Homecoming 2004


Bro. Rickey Smiley w/ DG, TGG, & XM

Spr 01 DG outside of the Beta Chi Frat House

R&B Singer Nivea w/ Bros. "Blood", Shaw, Hinson, & Wooten

Dem Boys of 731 Tamarack also known as "The Hospitality House" Bros. "Woozy", Goodson, and Hinson

Radio Personality Olivia Fox (Russ Parr Morning Show) & Bro. Shaw

Spring 96 Bruhs, Banks & Crenshaw

Ms. DST w/ DG

Bro. "Smooth" Foreman w/ Bro. Elderidge

Mr. Omega Psi Phi 2002, Bro. Lewis w/ Daughter

Coronation 2002

Coronation 2002

Taking a Break from Bussing Trays for the Ladies

Omega Man By Day...

...and Dog By Night!!!

Miss FSU 2002-2003 Yvonne Richmond (Congratulations from your Bruhz at DG)!

Coronation 2002

Bro. Holmes w/ Date

Bro. Shaw w/ date

Bro. Holmes hauls in another award for athletic/academic excellence...

FSU Graduation 2003

DG bruhs talk with BX Basileus and DG off-campus advisor Kelvin Coaxum

DG on the Que Train "rolling down the track" after Spring Graduation 2003

Bros. Hinson & Perkins showing that Ques do graduate

The "Cape Fear Ques" at an Omega Day Cookout

Bruhz being Owt one last time before stepping into "The Real World"

Officer David Napper & Lemar McNeill

Neos with DG Founder Henry Eldridge

T. Timmons poses while a bruh "cakes" on the phone

Bros. Hinson and Holmes take a moment from lunch to pose with Miss DG

Bro. L.A. throws up the hook during Winter Commencement 02

Star & Sheem, you can find them in da club...

Bro. David Napper, Assistant Coach of the CIAA Tennis Team Champions

Bro. Wingfield chats with DG brother Ned White

Sheem chilling at the crib

DG Bruhz posing for pics after shooting hoops together...

Bruhz posing for pics after P.D.'s wedding..

Big Woozy throws up the hook...

DG & 6th D bruhz at boys camp..

T Lake & Driq being owt while taking a break from collecting a 2nd CIAA Championship ring...

"Frienship is truly essential to the soul" D. Best & Slim at graduation...

2004 Graduating DG Bruhz


Rho Cookout, 2004

FSU Alumni representing the Que Psi

Rho Cookout, 2004

Rho Cookout, 2004

DG Bruhz on the road...

DG Bruhz on the road...

D. Best w an FSU cutie...

Bruhz chilling in the student center...

Bruhz chilling in the student center...

The P & G club...

Rubberband Man w Zetas...

Dalvin & Tizo

LeVar w his sons...

Bruhz showing love to Hood Hall residents..

LaTia posing w DG...

Picture Time...

Bruhz getting ready for the stepshow...

The Vibe magazine "Stomping On The Yard" Hop Team...

D. Best & Slim...

Carnell "Bernie BlaQ" Thornton...

Twan chilling after football practice...

E.E. Smith Grads' Mont & Slim...

B-Dot chilling with the AKA's while "Mr. Nate" checks out the probate show...

Sheem & Crenshaw...

Twan & Nate...

Mont & Driq

Hey Starry! What's in the cup???

He ain't heavy, he's my brother...

B-Dot with the D Xi "Commander & Chief"

Jai & Shaw

Taz & Slim at Homecoming 2003

The L.O.D. prepares to set owt the Homecoming 2003 "Well Show"

Starry & Slim

FSU Homecoming, 2003

Cocaine leads the hop on the well...

Driq & T Lake getting their "Grown & Sexy" on at coronation...

DG Bruhz setting it out after graduation...

"Jai Good" setting owt the hop after graduation...

FSU Homecoming 2003

Shaw & Slim at Homecoming 2003

DG Bruhz setting it owt on the well...

Mr. Homecoming, 2003 Mr. Lemar "Slim" McNeill...

DG Bruhz w AKA's

DG Bruhz

The Ace & Tail from Spring 04 DG

Sheem & Crenshaw

DG Bruhz setting it owt for the yard...

DG Bruhz

DG Bruhz

DG Bruhz by the plot...

P.D. & Tavorous

Shaw & Jai

FSU Greeks

Spring 04 D Xi sorors

Bro. McNeill posing with other bruhz across waters...

DG Bruhz serving in Iraq...

TGG & DG Bruhz at a voter registration drive

DG Bruhz at a voter registration drive

Cocaine setting it owt

Epsilon Lambda Bruhz setting it owt...

Miss FSU pagaent 2004 and Delta Alpha chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha members

The Divine Delta Alpha Chaper of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc...

DG Bruhz & and members of the FSU B.O.M.B. Squad

Shaw & Sheem at a football game

The Cape Fear Ques & Rickey Smiley

Star, Sheem, and "Mr. Nate" at the club

DG Bruhz getting the "Grown & Sexy" on at Coronation

Jai & Sheem setting owt the hop during coronation

Mr. Homecoming & DG Bruh Lemar McNeill w/ Miss Homecoming 2003

Bro. Timberlake & Soror Simpson

Bro. Faircloth w/ escort

Bro. McNeill w/ escort

Bro. Holmes w/ escort

Bro. McCrimmon w/ escort

Mr. & Miss Homecoming 2003

Bro. McCrimmon @ Graduation 2003

Bro. McNeill @ graduation 2004

Bro. Bryant Youngblood & his lovely wife...