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Name and Purpose

The North Carolina Religious Studies Association is designed to advance the academic study of religion in the state by providing opportunities for scholars, teachers, and interested laypersons to discuss issues important to the discipline.


  1. Membership in the Association is open to university and college teachers, members of the clergy, and laypersons in the state who share a common interest in the academic study of religion.  Membership is open to individuals and to departments.


  2. The membership dues are as follows:

Individual Member - $10.00
Departments - free


  1. The officers of the Association will be President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer.  They will perform the duties indicated below, and, when an annual meeting is canceled (due to adverse weather or unforeseen circumstances), act on behalf of the entire association in electing new officers and naming a site for the next year a meeting.

  3. Officers will be elected at the annual meeting of the Association.  The President and Vice-President will each serve a one-year term.  Normally, at the close of his/her term, the Vice-President will serve as President.  The Secretary-Treasurer will serve a four-year term.

  5. Terms of office for newly elected officers begin at the close of the meeting during which they were elected.



  1. The Association will meet one time a year, normally on the first Friday in October.

  3. A business meeting will be conducted during each annual meeting in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

  5. During the business meeting, the host school for the next year’s meeting will be determined.

  7. The President will assist persons involved in planning the annual meeting carry out their duties.  The Vice-President will plan the program.  The Secretary-Treasurer will be responsible for all correspondence with members, including notifying members of the meeting.  The Secretary-Treasurer will prepare a budget report for presentation during the business meeting.  A representative of the host school will be responsible for making all on-site arrangement.

  8. The officers in consultation with the host institution may determine a registration fee for the annual meeting not to exceed $25.

Adoption of Bylaws

These Bylaws will go into effect upon the consent of a majority of members of present at a regularly scheduled annual meeting.

Amendment of Bylaws

These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds majority of members present, provided the amendment has been submitted in writing to the membership at least one week prior to the meeting.


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