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October 22, 2016

All sessions will be held in Carolina Hall (formerly Saunders Hall) on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill.

8:00 - 9:00 Registration
9:00 - 10:20 Session 1A – Contemporary Critiques of the Past’s Conventions (104)
  • “Severus Snape: The Medieval Conception of the Demonic Jew in Contemporary Fantasy Literature”
    J. Zalman Breunig
  • “A critique of the theory of natural law as a viable ethical theory”
    Richard Hall
  • Chair: Richard Prust, St. Andrews College

Session 1B - Evil Begun and Overcome (204)

  • “Paradigms of Paradox in Some Leading Twentieth-Century Theodicies and Defenses.”
    Wilberforce Mundia
  • “Pelagius and Edwards on Original Sin”
    Greg Rich
  • Chair: Joseph Osei, Fayetteville State University

Session 1C - After-Life Considerations (220)

  • "The Mandate of Heaven and Chinese Epistemology"
    Han Lheem
  • "A Job Objection and a Leviathan Reply to Escapism from Hell"
    P. Eddy Wilson
  • Chair: Paul Boaheng, Fayetteville State University
10:30 - 12:00

Session 2A – Religion, Politics, and Society (104)

  • “Politics and Poetics in the Transmission of Tibetan Buddhism”
    Michelle Sorensen
  • “The Impact of the Black Church on the American Civil Rights Struggle”
    Samuel Murrell and Britany Hockley
  • Chair: Wilberforce Mundia, Shaw University

 Session 2B – African Religious Tradition (204)

  • “Libation (Itu Mmai) in West Africa: The Traditional and Religious Rite of the Igbos of Southeastern Nigeria”
    Ngozi Kamalu
  • “A Silent Revolution In African Women Leadership? Five Models Of Leadership In Church And State"
    Joseph Osei
  • Chair: Richard Hall, Fayetteville State University

Session 2C - Sexuality and Jewish Law (220)

  •  "'Lying Places': The Questionable Permissibility of Anal Sex in Yebamoth"
    Zannah Kimbrel
  • "The Crime of Onan"
    Jesse Toufexeis
  • Chair: Wes Dempster, Fayetteville State University
12:00-1:30 PM Business Meeting (204) and Lunch (on your own)
1:30-3:00 PM

Session 3A – Religion and the Availability of the Self (104)

  • “Kierkegaard and Dewey on Faith: the Single Individual and the Community”
    Wes Dempster
  • “Is Person a Western Construct?”
    Richard Prust
  • Chair: P. Eddy Wilson, Shaw University

Session 3B – Fierce Film and Fiction (204)

  • “The Dilemma of Superfluous Stress in the Case of Otherworldly Horror Fiction”
    Patricia Turrisi
  • Chair: John Brooks, Fayetteville State University

Session 3C - Panel Discussion on Vodou (220)

  • "The Vodou Phenomenon in American Culture"
    Harrison Hicks, Alexander Karas, Matthew Kirouac, Hailey Nichols, Hannah Ryan, Deacon Sinanian, Stefi Zapf
  • Chair: Samuel Murrell, UNC Wilmington
3:15-5:00 PM

Session 4A – Religion and the Civil Society (204)

  • “Religion and Violence”
    Chelsea Carskaddon
  • “John Locke on God, Capitalism, and Self-Ownership”
    Paul Boaheng and Amber Young
  • Chair: Patty Turrisi, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Session 4B - Undergraduate Papers (220)

  • "A Dreamer Always Wants Even More"
    Casey Aldridge
  • "Kentucky Saint: A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Kim Davis’ Rise to Martyrdom"
    Paul Snyder
  • Chair: Michelle Sorensen, Western Carolina University

Program Chair P. Eddy Wilson
Shaw University

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