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Business Meeting
November 3, 2013
Minutes (Draft)

Greg Rich, President of the Association for this past year, called the meeting to order by thanking everyone for coming to the meeting to share their research and comment on others' reseearch.

He also thanked Jim McLachlan for a job well done as Program Chair for this year's meeting and noted that, according to the by-laws, Jim will be President of the association for this year.

Then he thanked Alejandro Vilaros and Jason Combs, Chapel Hill graduate students, for their stellar help with local arrangements this year.

Finally, he thanked John Brooks and P. Eddy Wilson for their ongoing fine work as NCRSA Secretary-Treasurer and Journal Editor, respectively.

P. Eddy then gave the Editor's report, saying that he is still accepting submissions for volume 11 of the association's online journal, Thinking About Religion.

Since John Brooks was unable to be at this year's meeting, Greg Rich handed out the Treasurer's Report, noting a balance of $552.51. Filling in for John, he noted that he had collected $135.00 in checks and $20.00 (Walter Conser, Jr.) in cash at this meeting. He mentioned that John would be willing those who did not have a check for today.

Joseph Osei then recommended that we use some of that money for refreshments, such as breakfast, at future meetings. Consensus favored this.

Jim McLachlan then presented the Graduate Student Paper Award to Jacki Price-Linnartz of Duke Divinity School for her paper entitled "Bonhoeffer's Musical Metaphor of the Christian Life." He presented her with a $100.00 check from the association as well.

Other business conducted included the following:

1) Jim McLachlan proposed exploring Duke as a site for next year's meeting. Matt Jantzen, a graduate student at Duke Divinity School, agreed to work with Jim on that.

2) Paul Boaheng agreed to serve as Program Chair for next year's meeting.

Respectfully submitted 11/4/13,

Greg Rich


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