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November 5, 2011

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All sessions will be held in 104 and 220 Saunders Hall on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill.

8:00-8:30 Registration
8:30-8:45 Welcome

Social and Political Papers (Saunders 104)

  • “Prosperity Gospels and Oprah’s Secret: The Promise and Pursuit of an
    Autonomous Identity in Contemporary America,” Joseph Albertson
  • “Race as Religion, Humans as Extraterrestrials and Other Ways To Disguise
    the Political,” Nathan Shurte
  • “Anticipating the Legacy of Rev Dr Billy Graham for Church-State Relations:
    Why Pastors Should Not Participate in Partisan Politics,” Joseph Osei
  Beauty, Good and Evil (Saunders 220)
  • “A Discussion of Socrates' Use of the Divine to Unveil the Meaning of Beauty
    in Plato's Hippias Major,” Michelle Carpenter

  • “Evil and the Paradigm(s) of Paradox,” Wilberforce O. Mundia

  • “The Doctrine of Karma & the Problem of Evil,” Abby Watson

10:00-11:15 American Culture (Saunders 104)
  • “Technology and Totem in the American Dreamtime,” Patricia Turrisi and
    Sophia Fuller

  • “Bugbee's Wilderness, Metaphysical and Montanan,” David Henderson


Papers in Art and Media (Saunders 220)

  • “Illegal Tender: The Social Gospel and Innocent Rebellion in Musical Film,”
    Sean McBride
  • “Crafting a Mission: The Impact of Art Created in Religious Communities,”
    Jennifer Kryszak
  • “Characteristics of the Psychopomp in Modern American Media: The Guide
    of Souls,” Dan McCluskey
11:15-12:30 Indigenous Beliefs and Traditional Practices (Saunders 104)
  • “Candomblé: A Historical Analysis of the Afro-Brazilian Religion,” Heather

  • “Cherokee and Native American Persons,” Carrie McLachlan

  • “Christianity, Science and Traditional Medicine,” Paul Boaheng


Exegetical Papers (Saunders 220)

  • “Naked Men or Foreheads Bared in Shame?:Manuscript, Grammatical, and
    Literary Evidence for Resolving Contradictory Interpretations of the Old
    Church Slavonic Apocalypse of Abraham 24:8,” William Babcock
  • “A Note on the Text of Luke 4 and Jesus’ Literacy,” Mark Letteney
  • “Father Forgive Who?” Ryan Weber
12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:15 Business Meeting (Saunders 104)
2:15-3:30 Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft (Saunders 104)
  • “Defining Neo-Paganism and Reflections on the Scholarly Treatment of the
    Religious ‘Other,’” Mary Hamner
  • “The Classical Roots of Witchcraft and the Bastardization of Ancient
    Traditions,” N. Samuel Murrell
  • “Reclaiming Witchcraft in Modern America: Fact, Fiction, or Who Gives a
    Damn?” Allison Murphy
Papers on East Asia (Saunders 220)
  • “Tua Ji Peh: The Intricacies of Intermediacy in the Deification of Chinese
    non-Buddhist Supernatural Beings in Chinese-Malay Communities,”
    Whitney Webb
  • “What is the relationship between the Buddhist notion of suffering and the
    psychological impacts on the Tibetan government in exile?” Hannah
  • “The Chinese Government's Case Against Falun Gong,” Greg Rich
3:30-4:45 From Mormonism to the Orient (Saunders 104)
  • “The Personal and the Impersonal Divine in Mormonism and
    Boehmeanism,” James McLachlan
  • “Nineteenth-Century Chinese “Pollution” of Mormonism’s American Zion,”
    Michelle Ferris
  • “The Dao of the Force: Orientalism in Star Wars,” Justin Snider

Papers on Classical Western Sources (Saunders 220)

  • “Our Present Quest: Seeking Knowledge of God and Self in Augustine and
    Calvin,” Flynn Cratty
  • “‘Beata Vita’ The Augustinian Good Life,” Daniel Shuskey
  • “Talking About Religion at Theodoric’s Dinner Table: A (Belated) Reply to
    William Bark’s ‘Theodoric vs. Boethius: Vindication and Apology,’” Rob
4:45-6:00 Papers in Christian Theology (Saunders 104)
  • “Rob Bell's Universalism,” P. Eddy Wilson
  • “From Creationism to Hylarchism, Or: Why the Teleological Argument
    Shows that the World is Alive Rather than an Artifact,” Jason Bowers

Religion and Violence (Saunders 220)

  • “Understanding Jihad and Osama bin Laden's Connection,” Kofi Johnson
  • “Black Violence, Linguistic Lynchings, and the Illusion of Crisis: Is Derrick
    Bell ‘Keeping it Real’ in Faces at the Bottom of the Well?” Shontea L. Smith
  • “Mystical Fascism: How William Dudley Pelley's Mysticism Contributed to
    American anti-Semitism and Fascism,” Carson Nickels

Program Chair David Henderson
Dept. of Philosophy and Religion
Western Carolina University
Phone: 828-227-2932

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