NCRSA 2009:
UNC - Chapel Hill

October 17, 2009

All sessions will be held in Saunders Hall on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill.

8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:15 Welcome

Group 1: Religion and Philosophy

  • Paul Eddy Wilson (Shaw), "‘Fears of Post-mortem Annihilation’
  • Ann Soltan (UNC Chapel Hill), "Examining Plato’s Influence on Gnostic Beliefs through Parallel Gnostic Elements in Allegory of the Cave and the Gospel of Thomas"
  Group 2: Religious Beliefs and Ritual
  • Dr. Carrie McLachlan (WCU), "Rivers: The Center of Traditional Cherokee Rituals and Belief"

  • Christopher Hoyt (WCU) "Ritual Meaning and Word Meaning: Piecing Together Wittgenstein’s Account"

10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Group 1: Religion and Politics
  • Dr. Joseph Osei, (FSU) "The Religious Factor in Ghana’s Transition to Mature Democracy and the Implications for Philosophy of Religion"

  • Mara Lichtford (UNCW) "The Panchen Lama Crisis in Tibet"


Group 2: World Religions

  • Jamie Brummit (UNCW) "Catholic Devotional Revival"
  • Mashal Saif (Duke), "Genealogies and Boundaries: The Politics of Discipline Construction & Classification and The Place of Islamic Studies Within Academia"
12:00-1:15 Lunch and Business Meeting
1:30-3:00 Group 1: Religion and the Holocaust
  • Alexander Eisner and Brandon Tinkleberger (UNCW), "Theosophic Roots of Aryan Occultism"
  • Kristen Jeannete Wells (UNCW), "The Impact of Anti-Semitic Persecution on the Contemporary Jewish Religion"
  • Christopher John Moreland, "The Catholic Church and the Independent State of Croatia (during the Holocaust), 1941-1945"
Group 2: World Religions
  • Fuabeh P. Fonge (NCAT&T), "Islamic Influence in West Africa"
  • Kofi Johnson and Chris Ike (FSU), "The Traditional Yoruba Belief in Reincarnation"
3:00-3:15 Break
3:30-4:30 Group 1: Religion and Literature
  • Greg Rich (FSU), "The Brights and the Not so Brights"
  • James McLachlan (WCU), "The Non-Rational Given: Edgar S. Brightman on the Definite Divine"

Group 2: Religion and Ethics

  • Tracey Santana (UNCW), ‘Is hatred Indestructible?:
  • Marjie Harmon (Davidson College), "A Wage that Allows for Living: A Theological/Ethical Analysis of Pay Practices at WalMart"
  • Heather McDivitt (Wingate University), "Teaching Ethics by Doing: Service Learning for an Undergraduate Religion course"

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