NCRSA 2002:
UNC - Wilmington

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The annual meeting of the North Carolina Religious Studies Association (NCRSA) was held Friday, October 25, on the campus of UNC-Wilmington. All sessions were held in King Hall, Room 101.


9:00 Registration
9:30-12:00 Session A: "The Concept of God Revisited: An East-West Dialogue"
  • Chair: R. Datta (Fayetteville State Univ.)
  • R. Datta, It's True Name We Do Not Know: Revisiting the Concept of the Absolute"
  • K. Johnson (Fayetteville State Univ.) & T. Oyinade (Claflin Univ.) "The Concept of God: the Yoruba of Nigeria"
  • J. Brooks (Fayetteville State Univ.) "Deity, Totem, and Clan in Ancient Egypt: the Durkheimian Egytology of Alexander Moret (1868-1938)"
  • Discussants: K. Sarpong & B. Curry (Fayetteville State Univ.)
  Session B: Panel: "Myth, Magic and Mystery in Caribbean Religions"
  • Chair: S. Murrells (UNC-W)
  • Panelists:
    • L. Strickland (UNC-W)
    • E. White (UNC-W)
    • J. Hanes (UNC-W)
    • B. Johnson (UNC-W)
12:00-1:00 Luncheon
1:00-1:30 NCRSA Business Meeting
1:45-3:15 Session C
  • J. Young (Fayetteville State University), "Order, Chance, and Happiness in 13 CONVERSATIONS ABOUT ONE THING"
  • G. Weir (UNC-Charlotte), "Mary Douglas Meets Artemis"
  Session D
  • J. Jones III (Barton College), "Feeling Reverent Toward Being"
  • M. Shaffer (UNC-W), "Why Religious Belief Is Not a Private Matter: Hard Lessons About Moral and Epistemological Irresponsibility from a Pragmatist's Perspective"
3:15-5:00 Session E
  • P. Wilson (Shaw Univ.), "God's Infinite Personality"
  • M. Stanley (UNC-W), "E.M. Adams: Rethinking God"
  Session F
  • B. Reynolds (UNC-Chapel Hill), "Ambiguous Antecedents and Conceptions of YHWH"
  • E. Rauth (Independent Scholar), "Time and Deity"

Many thanks to Richard Hall, Program Chair  <>, and Samuel Murrells, Local Arrangements Chair <>, for their hard work in organizing this conference.

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